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Duct cleaning methods vary drastically. Some companies attempt to clean duct work using nothing more than a glorified shop vac.Others try to mask unpleasant odors by introducing aerosols and deodorants. Such techniques are highly ineffective, not to mention deceptive. The procedures followed by duct duct clean LLC   deliver only the highest caliber of duct cleaning. We are also fully insured to guarantee the protection of your home and your belongings.

Our process

Step 1
Arrive on time.

Step 2
Lay down drop cloths to ensure that your home remains as clean as it was when we arrived .

Step 3    
Attach a powerful HEPA-filtered negative air machine to the supply side of your air delivery system. This essentially turns your duct work into a very large vacuum cleaner.

Step 4
Choose a starting point and remove that register from either the ceiling, wall, or floor.

Step 5  
Cover all of the remaining registers with plastic. By doing so, a very strong inward draft is created at the single open register.

Step 6
Brush the branch line using a rotary brush powered by a cordless drill, agitating debris from all sides of the duct.

Step 7
Guide powerful, specialized air tools through the branch line, pushing contaminants toward the main trunk line.

Step 8
Clean and replace the register, cover with plastic, and move on to the next.
Step 9
Once all of the branch lines have been cleaned, the process is repeated in the main trunk line using larger brushes and air whips.

Step 10
Once the supply trunk has been cleaned, we attach the HEPA-filtered negative air machine to your systems return air ducts and repeat the entire process.

Step 11
Using hand brushes and air tools, the process is completed by cleaning the remaining components of your air delivery system (blower motor compartment, blower, and heating/cooling coils).

Step 12
Make sure that your system is functioning correctly before leaving.

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